Duh! This is my very favourite fitness-related thing. The Bosu is my favourite fitness toy / tool. I use it in so many sessions, because I am a firm (pun intended) believer that stability work, combined with some soft-landing plyometrics, is the fastest way to get a hard body that is endurable from the inside-out.

If you have a Bosu, with proper guidance you can do an amazing full-body workout with strictly bodyweight - no dumbbells required. Stability challenges require optimal muscle recruitment, and strengthen those suckers right down to the bone. Read: you will achieve a strong, long-lasting and compact body.

Where do you buy it? Again, I recommend Foremost Fitness for those of you living in Toronto, or you can buy directly from Bosu.

And when you need guidance, you contact my team! We're standing by and ready to kick your butts in 2014.