Meghan Telpner is a no-fuss holistic nutritionist based in Toronto. She is the author of Undiet, a nutritional concept of eating clean and whole foods with no artificial de-fooding, basically. And as this is a Christmas countdown of sorts, yeah, it makes a great gift for anyone interested in feeling great (which is - duh - everyone)! Meghan just speaks and teaches sensibly, explaining the science and telling it like it is.

You all know how much I love to keep things simple, and this gal really does this. Her website is an endless resource for all things wellness - including to-die-for recipes and even tips on swapping to natural beauty products. It is incredibly helpful in both convincing someone to avoid harmful fillers on both the insides and outsides of our bodies, and in providing realistic tips about how to inch our way closer to that style of living.

One of my favourite videos of hers is her frank discussion of gluten, and whether the average person should or should not avoid it. (Spoiler alert - yup, you probably should!)

Check it out, apply the wisdom and enjoy feeling cleaner and wiser!