The absolute best do-anywhere, heart-pumping fat-blasting and anatomy-respecting cardio? Jump rope!

If you haven't tried this since you were a kid, it's time to pick the rope back up and give it a whirl. Be patient with yourself, it can take a few tries to get back in the "swing" of it. Start with 30-50 jumps, work your way up to 100 using it in between your strength circuits. Soon enough, you'll be able to blast out 5-10 minutes at a time. Then, you can simply take a few breaks and use it as an entire cardio workout. The other reason I love it is the body stays pretty straight, so the hip flexors don't get the same constant repetitive closing as they do in most forward-moving cardio exercises like running and cycling. A soft landing is great for strengthening the bones and the muscles.

All around a big win. Best part? Ropes are about $10 and take up no space in a suitcase! There is NO excuse for not getting your heart pumping on a trip / time home for the holidays.

Grab one now, and you can enter the new year fitter and happier than ever!

jump rope

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