foremostWhen I am referring clients to a store to pick up their new equipment (dumbbells, balls, Bosus, jump rope, treadmills etc) there is only one place I tell them to go: Foremost Fitness on Eglinton. foremost fitness

In the world of fitness gadgets, it can be hard to know what is going to be an appropriate investment for you. We all know people who've thrown money at a product and the it sits in the basement collecting dust!

The store is not a massive warehouse overwhelming with a ton of product - it is streamlined, clean and spacious with the most perfect display of merchandise. The staff is always incredibly friendly and helpful, and most of all, their pricing is reasonable.

The first Bosu I ever purchased was from another store and was significantly overpriced. Since then, every Bosu I've ever gotten (or other bits of gear) have come from Foremost Fitness.

If you are looking for some quality goods for someone on your list, I recommend you check them out. They also sell gift cards!