Last week I was invited to join Joga House's soft opening week by Naturally Nora's Nora DeBora.  Nora is working on Joga's nutritional component, and is a Joga coach herself.  

The Joga House is a new facility in Yorkville, Toronto, which will give a home to a full schedule of classes using its incredibly unique training method.  I've been familiar with Joga and its founder, Jana Webb, for many years now.  She is well known in the fitness / wellness community for her ability to fine tune and benefit professional athletes' performance with elements of yoga (among other approaches). I had done Joga once before, many years ago, while traveling in Europe and looking for a quick DVD to keep me in check and on a schedule while being unattached to any facilities. The Joga I did then, however, and the Joga I experienced last week in class in the new facility, were entirely different.  Our knowledge of biomechanics is changing, and what I felt and heard in the class were the most cutting edge and current understandings for an efficient and balancing practice.

Jana Webb is now becoming more broadly known being featured on the Real Housewives of Toronto (on Slice), yet I have to say that her professionalism and her knowledge of her craft is some of the highest I've come across in the industry of bodywork and athletics. I've tuned into the show weekly because it's refreshing to see such a combination, but the constructiveness of the workout is what inspired me to share this.

Attending the class at Joga House last week, I expected a beautiful facility and a great workout.  It was both, of course, but I was most impressed to experience the perfect combination of neurokinetic understanding, pilates and yoga.  Because too much of one thing can inhibit a well-rounded progress, Joga actually applies knowledge of the endocrine system, the neurological system and intertwines this with the most current application of balanced anatomy and physiology. What I experienced was a process of top tier biomechanical accuracy.  If this is a little bit hard to follow, the workout made me feel the following things:

Renewed and regenerated on a cellular level


Wound and tightened in





Mentally AND physically stimulated

100% inspired.

The more we learn, the better we move. The cues and the teachings amid this challenging workout expanded me in the right ways, and wound me in in the right ways.  Jana had to keep telling me to tuck my ribs in, for instance, but also used many different cues to be able to communicate with many different kinds of people. What we were left with was a constructive flow, and a ton of personal progress.

On top of the Joga workouts themselves, here is what Nora has to say about the nutritional component that will soon be applied:

"We provide dietary solutions that are effectively tailored to people's highly individualized biomechanical needs.  We believe the body has a superior capacity to regulate and heal itself, once it's given the right raw materials to work with.  Our goal is the fine tune your nutrition to optimize your genetic potential and suppress your genetic weakness."


If you're looking for a step up in terms of your connection with your body, scientific support, balance and control in your workouts, I would definitely check out the new space and a class.  And if you are, like me, working in the industry and always looking for more education and a comprehensive approach to your teachings, the certification is a great option as well.



Jana and me, relaxed but regenerated after an early morning Joga class during the MVP week.

Jana and me, relaxed but regenerated after an early morning Joga class during the MVP week.

Nora DeBora of Naturally Nora

Nora DeBora of Naturally Nora