strawberry salad My favourite salad dressing are EASY. The appeal of salads is that they're EASY! You throw some greens in a bowl, throw some other vegetables in there, maybe some goat cheese, maybe some fruit, maybe some legumes... whatever you want! And bottled salad dressings are disgusting and full of a ton of weird things.

SO, these easy-to-whip-up salad dressings are essential.

The first one is my favourite go-to. The concept of homemade salad dressings is simple. Choosing a good oil, something more acidic like vinegar, and then add a little mustard to emulsify.

Here are two great examples:

1 part balsamic vinegar 2 parts extra-virgin olive oil sea salt pepper basil mustard to taste drizzle of real maple syrup OR a splash of orange juice Whisk it all together! *This one is amazing on a salad of mixed greens, goat cheese, strawberries and tomatoes. Mmm.

1 part lemon juice 2 parts extra-virgin-olive oil sea salt pepper mustard to taste Whisk it all together! *This one is amazing on a salad of arugula with a few slices of shaved parmesan (or... without!)

Keep it simple. Want to experiment? Try the latter with a bit of dill and toss that over a kale salad with some shaved beets and walnuts.

You will get used to whipping these up super quickly, have them fresh, on demand, and never have to use bottled dressings again!