We all know that eating out often incurs far more calories, sodium and grams of fat than when we compose our own balanced meals at home. But when you're stuck and need to eat a meal out, your best bet in most cases is to CUT IT IN HALF! You can ask the server for half of it to be put right into a take-out container, and eat the serving you're left with. Portion sizes are just astronomical. Try to visualize your meal in its individual parts, chances are good you're eating between 2-5 times the amount of a normal, balancing meal. Let's take pho for example: visually separate the rice noodles from the rest of the dish. Is it 2-3 cups? Yup, that's between 2-6 times more than you need/should have for properly balanced blood sugar levels. If you don't want to be that person with the server at the restaurant (even though there really should be absolutely no shame in managing your body properly), try to divide it up and simply eat half. If you're really listening to your body, you will most likely be full before hitting half, or at least three quarters of your meal.

Portion sizes are the killer - the reason you feel too tired / lazy to workout, the reason it's too darn hard to lose that last 5-10 pounds, the reason your blood pressure is too high, the reason your motivation is in the pits. It's well worth the commitment to shave it down.

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