Week six! I quit… haha.Okay, not really. But I have made the decision to introduce alcohol back into my life at this point in moderation. As Jessica keeps reminding me this was MY IDEA! So it’s now my idea to stop short of the eight weeks at this point and have a few nights from now til the 28th (which was my original cut off date) where I have a few drinks. As I mentioned previously it’s not as though at the end of the eight-week period I was planning to suddenly eat and drink everything in sight. I still feel pretty good about my progress and it has given me a lot to think about. I know a more permanent change is what is required rather than stints of weeks when I completely deprive myself of things that I enjoy. I haven’t weighed myself or taken new measurements as I am going to wait till the original end date to measure any (hopefully!) success. This past Saturday I put my new plan into motion — I went out to dinner with some friends and I allowed myself to have some drinks and enjoy my dinner. Previously, I would have come home and continued drinking into the night. But instead, when dinner was finished I came home, got into my pjs, watched some TV and then went to bed. I woke up Sunday feeling refreshed and not hungover!

I took the dog to High Park and did some outdoor cardio. Intervals of sprinting vs light jogging/walking. It was great! I don’t usually workout outside, so it was really nice to get out of the windowless gym of my condo and work up a sweat in the fresh air. Sunday afternoon, I made a big batch of turkey bolognese to have for dinner (and to freeze portions for quick meals). I tried brown-rice gluten free pasta and I have to say -I couldn’t tell a difference! From now on when I do eat pasta (which is rare—I usually opt for spaghetti squash) I will definitely choose rice noodles. I really think that allowing myself to enjoy the things I like in moderation going forward is what will be the key to my success. I think eight weeks with no alcohol was a bit of a lofty goal for me. I got to a point where I started resenting the fact that I “wasn’t allowed” to have a glass of wine if I wanted. And that in turn makes me feel as though I’m being imprisoned by a set of rules and makes me want to rebel against said rules. That is not a healthy way to approach fitness and weight loss. (Jess says: But we do know you as a bit of a teetotaller, as you freely admit, and that was what you needed the break from. Only continue having a relationship with alcohol if you can manage one that is not self-abusive and excessive, for the sake of your health.)

So going forward, what I am working on is the AMOUNT of wine I drink on any given dinner or night out (four is the absolute max, I'm told), staying on track with my meals and keeping consistent with workouts. I’m feeling good about the past six weeks, and not looking at this as me ‘giving up’ but just readjusting my plan so that it feels good and works for me. I think it’s important for me to have a sense of well-being during this process and not just ticking off numbers on a calendar till I can finally have a drink.

(Jess says: certainly there's no point in cutting ANYTHING out if it is only for a short time with no adjustments to the big picture. You've experienced nights and dinner without alcohol, you've probably reflected a bit on how you were experiencing a bit of a dependency. Enjoying some wine here and there is good. Frequently intoxicating yourself and stripping your body of its hydration levels can become dangerous for your future health. This is why I always say "be kind to your body." Give it moderation, yes, but always treat it with respect and never, ever like a trash can, grease trap, or... you get the picture. You've done super well, Keri.)

Turkey bolognese brown rice fusilli

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