So I’ve got two weeks of clean living behind me now and I’m starting my third.You’d think I’d feel amazing right about now—but that’s not the case. My post this week is about all the weird things that seem to be happening to my body these past two weeks and how I am trying to keep up my motivation and excitement for my healthy lifestyle—but also getting really flippin annoyed at my body. It started last week…Let me preface this by saying that it is not normal for me to get headaches (unless I have had some wine—which I have not!) So last week for 3 or 4 days I had this dull headache every single afternoon that seemed to hang around all day and into the evening. Wednesday morning right before my workout with Jessica my neck and back muscles started cramping and feeling very tight (this IS a problem that I have had issues with in the past, so I wasn’t that concerned about the neck and back pain—it comes and goes but usually won’t last for more than a day or two). But as I am sitting here right now both sides of my upper back are bothering me and looking down at the computer screen is hurting my neck. The muscle stiffness and spasms have continued on and off for almost a week! The third offender last week was that I developed canker sores in my mouth as if I had been eating a ton of acidic food. This lasted for almost the whole week as well! What is going on I wondered?! Now I don’t know if I have the answer or not, but I obviously thought to myself—as I do whenever I have an unexplained ailment—what have I been doing differently? Well I haven’t been eating gluten or dairy, I did some googling and did find some evidence of other people sharing their stories about how coming off of gluten and dairy actually made them feel WORSE—before they started feeling better. The symptoms described were headaches (check) muscle stiffness (check) feeling fatigued or irritable (check!!! My boyfriend can confirm). No evidence of anyone complaining about the canker sores—maybe that was just a fluke? I’m not saying that my symptoms are definitely related to giving up gluten and dairy—but it seems like a pretty big coincidence. (Maybe Jessica can shed some light on gluten and dairy withdrawal causing any negative symptoms.) (Jess says: since cutting out gluten and dairy, and certainly alcohol, and their toxins can be considered somewhat of a detox, it is possible to experience effects such as headaches. Drink extra water with lemon - and we both know that Keri you are spending too much time at the computer! Move around as often as possible, and rest - no computer - when you need it.) Luckily most of the information I found did state that the negative feelings happened for a period of time and then everyone did in fact feel better eventually. So whether this is an effect from the dietary changes or not won’t deter me from my plan. I am confident that IF these symptoms are related to the change in my diet that they will work themselves out and hopefully clear up very soon. The problem I was really struggling with was that mentally I WANT to feel super excited and raring to go about my workouts and diet—but this past week has been hard—when I have neck/back pain I am not the happiest of people going into a workout. That being said—I didn’t miss a day in the gym—I pushed through and did my strength and my cardio and each time I felt good that I had done it. It does help loosen my tight muscles up—but so far I’m still feeling stiff and sore. I’ve not had any alcohol! Though this past Sunday was a test—I really, really (did I mention REALLY?) wanted a glass of wine to ease my sore muscles (Jess says: ?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!!!!!!). But I stayed strong and told myself that I set this goal of eight weeks and I am sticking to it no matter what. Besides my one meal out on the weekend I’ve stuck to the gluten and dairy free diet! And mentally I am doing my best to stay positive and remember that it DOES feel great to wake up on a Sunday morning not hungover! I did a bit more shopping this week and bought a dress (it fits but...yeeesh it’s tight lol) I’m looking forward to the day in the coming months—that I know is gonna happen—when I put that dress on and it fits perfectly. ☺

Reminder: Cutting out toxic foods can cause some negative side effects. The stronger your reaction, the more you needed the detox. It will clear!