"So this past weekend I went to Montreal for a long weekend—it’s become a bit of a tradition between friend of mine and myself to go on Osheaga weekend (even though we don’t go to the festival)! This was my last weekend of drinking alcohol and eating gluten and dairy before the eight-week detox period. I ate and drank with free abandon, but I didn’t go absolutely nuts. I promised to have only one poutine—but I will admit I had two (sorry jess)! There was one salad... And then we get to the wine—dunn dunnn dunnn! The wine was definitely free flowing and plentiful. The downside to the weekend was I woke up Sunday morning with a terrible sore throat, so that pretty much ruined my last day there. While everyone was out enjoying our last day on Sunday I was stuck in the room watching bad movies and feeling pretty terrible. The flight home wasn’t that pleasant either but the idea that I knew I was coming home to my own bed kept me going. I can tell I am on the brink of getting a pretty bad cold as the week goes on. (sadface) Trying to find the positive in the situation—this makes me look forward to my eight weeks of health and detox even more. I wonder if my body would have fought this cold off better had it not been compromised with fried foods and alcohol this weekend (Jess says: Um... YEAH!). My plan this week is to go through my fridge and clean it out of anything that I won’t be eating in the coming weeks. I’ll head to the grocery store and stock up on everything that I need for healthy cooking and trying out new recipes. I’ve been checking out the gluten free section of my local grocery store and I’ve found that they have a ton of great products that I’m excited to try in my recipes. (Jess says: Remember going gluten free doesn't mean stocking on "gluten-free products" - just include more foods that are naturally gluten-free like beans, vegetables, fruits and lean meats / proteins.) Well I’m going to make this post short and sweet, as I have just landed from the weekend and I’m still feeling pretty ill. I think I’ll get myself a nice spicy pho with a ton of veggies for dinner tonight. Next week when I check-in I will have a full week under my belt of clean living and I know that I will already be feeling the benefits. One other positive spin on being ill, there’s nowhere to go from here but up!"

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