Okay, so we are past the halfway point!After my little blip last week I went through a variety of emotions. I was on such a high from doing so well, and then I let it slip through the cracks. I know I said last week that I was just going to pick myself back up and keep on going and not let it get me down. But throughout the week it did kinda get me down. Overall, I’m still feeling pretty good about my accomplishments. I did go a full 3 weeks before I had a slip and that’s a lot more than I’ve done in the past. I still haven’t weighed myself so I don’t know if I’ve lost any weight — though Jessica did say in our last session that she could see some changes, so - YAY! I’ve got a full three weeks to go and I really want to make them count. I’m pumped for my session with Jessica tomorrow and I’ve got a lot of great recipes lined up for the coming weeks. I even went out to see my boyfriend’s band play on Saturday night and didn’t drink! We were only out for a couple hours and it was fun but man was I tired—they didn’t go on till midnight and I'm used to being in bed by 10pm! And Sunday we went out for lunch and people at the table were having wine—but I stuck to my WATER! I will admit, however, that even though I feel great and there’s all these benefits to eating well and working out and avoiding alcohol, I still can’t manage to find that place where I’m happy ABOUT it. I still feel sort of annoyed and angry that I have to restrict myself from doing something I like doing—drinking!

Jessica asked me if it’s the taste of alcohol that I find appealing or what it does to my state of mind. And the answer is both. I love a crisp glass of pinot on a warm day or a nice red wine with a steak (hey it’s gluten free!). And I like being drunk…it’s FUN. But, as I’ve said in most of my blog posts I know that to reach my goals I can’t be out indulging in wine all the time. Just as someone who loves chocolate can’t expect to eat cake everyday and lose weight. (FYI I love chocolate - haha! - but don’t find it that hard to stay away from.)

So, I will continue on sans-wine and when I’m in a bikini on a beach somewhere after all the hard work and sacrfices my wine will taste THAT much better! ;)

Me drinking water at a bar surrounded by drunk friends!

Another clean meal of a turkey burger chopped up on a salad.