I’m happy to report that most of the problems I seemed to have had last week have gone. My muscles are still kind of stiff and sore—but I think part of that is down to me overstretching them a bit trying to get relief. The headaches have gone, so that’s good news! Overall I feel pretty great--physically. Though the boring-ness of not going out and drinking is getting to me. I know that Jess has told me a million times that it IS important for me to go out and be social and not have to sit inside the house just because I am not drinking. The thing is—I just don’t want to! The idea of going for dinner or out to a bar without alcohol seems boring to me—I’d rather just be a homebody and stay in with the dog. I’m not saying this is a GOOD way to look at it—it’s just the reality of how I feel. I don’t want to put myself through the feelings of temptation watching everyone else drink so I just choose to not join in. Which is fine for the most part—but does get to me every now and again. (Jess says: There are many people who don't know how to control themselves around alcohol and can't handle the temptation. Recovering alcoholics, for example, are typically advised to avoid bars and places / circumstances where the temptation is too high. That said, you cannot avoid life forever! You must go out and enjoy a great meal, go for walk with friends, go bowling, go kayaking... which reminds me of a post I intend to write in the upcoming weeks - ways to remain social while avoiding over-consumption.) I’ve realised that these eight weeks are really just going to get the ball rolling for me and I know that I have a few MONTHS of work ahead of me to really lose the excess body fat and get into the shape that I want. That being said—I think it’s important for me to learn how to balance my choices. Let’s be honest here—I am not giving up alcohol forever. The one thing I will say is that there is no way I am giving up this time and then starting over—this is 100% the beginning of me finally losing these last pounds and having it over and done with. After the initial ‘detox’ period my plan is maybe have a few nights here and there where I partake in some wine or vodka—but basically for the next few months I am going to be watching myself and not partying hard! I would hate to do all this work and feel really great about what I am accomplishing to then just have it all undone by the holiday season and have to start over in the New Year! I am making a New Years Resolution RIGHT NOW that I will NOT have to make a New Year’s resolution to ‘get back in the gym’. I am not going to let myself get out of the gym or off track this year. My nutrition and workouts the past week—have been great! No problems to report there. I even got a workout in on Sunday—which I had planned to be a rest day. I had a lot of time on Sunday and nothing really planned so I figured might as well get to the gym! I’ve stuck to my plan of not getting on the scale and I think it was definitely a good idea. I can, however, definitely feel that something is happening by the way my clothes fit. Everything just feels ever so slightly looser. (Love that feeling!)

This week is the start of week FOUR! So half way there…kinda almost… ☺

I found this awesome green drink from Live!

Another healthy meal in the books!