With every year - no, now every month that passes, how we interact and how we learn is changing. Social media communication is on the rise and we're flooded with images, tips and complete systems of running both our businesses and our LIVES.Trends are becoming the status quo of operations. With regards to our health and training, and even self-evaluation, it can be difficult to hang onto individuality and respect our differences.

And so, today I figured it might be good to touch on self-support and progress. Sometimes when I write this blog, I inevitably sound a little more Oprah than I'd like to because of the language I need to use in order to get my point across (such as "self-support" - haha). But what I mean is, progress calls for being able to strongly remind yourself that you are an individual, our diversity is the most beautiful thing about the human race, you're perfect the way you are, and your voice should always be the loudest one (to you). If you find something that works for you, but you feel confused because this article says this, or this fitness pro says another thing, get in touch with yourself the most and think about why it is that it works for you. Self educate a bit, and then use a whole lot of your gut. How does it feel? Why does it feel best? With a little bit of reflection, you should be able to back up why you're taking that individual road. Don't just fly off it because the images feature a different route. Sometimes, we're meant to do things a little bit differently.

I understand that my posts can occasionally be a little ambiguous and this might be frustrating for some people looking for very direct answers and strict rules such as carbs being either good or bad, eating after 7 being either good or bad, cardio or strength training being the best for fat loss... The thing is, I just can't lie. Most answers when it comes to wellness are not black and white. It is not one-size fits all. I prefer to teach people the facts, and then how to access their personalized filters. This helps people find their individual and therefore most effective path for a LIFETIME of wellness management rather than a frustrating flip flop between gains and major setbacks.

We are lucky to have all of the inspiration floating around us that we do. But do remember not to become lost in it. The best stuff in life is the realest stuff, and who you see in the mirror in its raw and plain form is of greater significance than a filtered photo. Get your guts, brain and self-support in the right place and you'll get to your healthiest and happiest, guaranteed.