If you came here looking for an article about sex, I'm sorry to let you down. However, I will refer you HERE: Fitness & Sex Yesterday, I went for my annual physical at the doctor's office. Let's be real - this appointment can be incredibly unpleasant, for men AND women. But it's important to shut off your brain for that 30 minutes and let your doc take care of you.

Perhaps you don't know this about me, but when I was younger, I used to be a serious goody two-shoes at school! I attained top marks and could never get enough of that "gold star" praise. This only lasted until I became bullied for being "a dog", and then in trying to not look like such a dog, I applied eyeliner one day and quickly moved into being bullied as "a whore". My priorities changed, as they tend to do when we face these real-life dilemmas at the age of 12 / 13.

After many years of doing my damnedest to fit moulds and avoid harsh words, I had sort of let my desire for gold stars slip somewhat. I still did well in school, but of course it didn't feel as dire as managing myself in a social world (as embarrassing as that is to reflect on and admit to now - but I'm sure we all remember how hellish being bullied can be).

A deep sigh of relief that those days are all over, but my point is, I always feel a rush of that gold star praise when I visit my doctor and am congratulated, and even thanked, for taking care of my health. It is probably the most important area of our lives to be praised for a job well done. Our own health care is the biggest, and most important responsibility that we carry around with us every day. Education is important, of course. Gold stars and praise are satisfying in many areas. BUT, in health care, it brings so many positive things to light. My intent is not to boast on my happy appointment, but to express the great satisfaction that comes from doing what you can to take care of your body and your health (and in truth, I've only just received good news from a pending stress in my own world of health, lasting the past few years). Financial chaos, rocky relationships… nothing really compares to the stress that illness can place on a person, and on their loved ones.

My real intent is to remind you of the importance of a physical exam. Exercising and eating well are two things that we can do to control our health, and ultimately our lives and well-being. Staying on top of our physicals, with our doctors, connect the rest of the work together. If you are behind, please take this moment to remember to book in with your doctor. No one is going to do it for you - you must be safe, and do your best to avoid being sorry.

And when you can make a sigh of relief, it's amazing how much lighter everything else in life can feel.

*photo found at www.cbc.ca