Life is not a box of chocolates, it's a trainer. I realized this today. First of all, I was telling a client about a plan of mine, but was on the fence. She asked what was holding me back, and I giggled "fear". She said: "if one of your clients said that to you, what would you say?"

Hm. Good point girlfriend.

After the session, on my way to the gym, I got some bad news. We all have bad years, and this past one has been mine. When you're scrambling to get on your feet, life can keep kicking and kicking and kicking. Do you A - tuck yourself in a ball and cry? Or B - work HARDER? In the gym, I ran on the treadmill, uphill. And I got angry. I got angry at all the roundhouse kicks that life was smacking me with consistently (of course I'm not consumed with self-pity, we ALL get these roundhouse kicks in different forms). But it made me want to sweat more, climb higher and run faster. So I did. I realized that life and these unfortunate instances are training me to kick its butt, to conquer it. Life is my trainer. Crying in a ball (what I truly wanted to do before getting on that treadmill) suddenly felt so blah. Nah - train me harder. I can take it.

As trainers, our goal is not to see our clients scrambling and to triumph in our power over their dismantling form... it is to present each person with their breaking point, and very carefully, however sometimes aggressively, urge and guide them to overcome it.

Today, a client gave me a taste of my own medicine. A client became my trainer. Life is my trainer, and my clients are in large part my life - how interesting.

So to hell with lemons. When life has you scrambling uphill enduring roundhouse kicks, wondering how bloody much more you can possibly stand before you collapse and give up and fall off track forever.... remember, it's training you to kick its butt and triumph. Keep going, keep going, keep going.