This is a phrase I'm repeating to my clients constantly. So I want to elaborate on it, so that everyone really understands what this means. Whether you know it or not, there is a constant communication between your wellness and your brain. Your body is always telling you what it needs - either by hunger pangs, headaches, bounding energy, complete exhaustion, hive breakouts, or maybe even just some change in its typical routine that throws you off a little bit. Maybe your head is feeling foggier than usual, or your skin is drier than usual. It's important to check in with yourself regularly and ask yourself how your wellness, as a complete package, is doing. Are you doing enough - are you maybe even doing too much?

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I was speaking to another health expert friend of mine this morning, and we were discussing how some days, the body just refuses to go. Occasionally, even those of us who work in this field of physical activity, simply have to put the brakes on and be a little lazy. Everything in the universe exists in balance, and if you pay attention, your body will warn you when you are tipping the scale (figuratively) one way or the other.

Sometimes when I'm being too healthy for too many days (yes, I'm serious), by body wants to mess it up a little. And certainly, if it's gone the other way, the body says "get extra sleep and eat more spinach!"

Now, my cheeky 87 year-old client replied with "ice cream" when I told him to listen to his body - but hey, occasionally that might be just the answer! Maybe it's high time for a little indulgence. The trick is to check in with how you're feeling about your life and your current routine and its ratios of good vs. bad, healthy vs. too-indulgent or energetic vs. lazy. You should be feeling energetic most of the time, and if you're not, it's time to take a look at sleep patterns, nutrition and your amount of physical activity.

The message here is to open up the communication. No, you don't have to actually ask yourself questions out loud, but throughout your week, check in and see how you're feeling on a wellness front. It's never too late to address obstacles and/or change gears when necessary.

As they say, check in or check out! If you don't want to waste a ton of time feeling sub-par, start checking in and making small changes as you go. As I've said many times, even the smallest progressions are still progress. The big picture is made up of a million little accomplishments and efforts, so keep adding to the mosaic of your greater wellness.