Probably more often than not, the reason why people end up eating unhealthy foods are because they are fast and easy, and require little to no preparation. Because let's face it, healthy foods taste delicious too. So, here are some healthy options for you that require little to no prep!


Pre-washed and cut vegetables and hummus Apples (self-packaged!) Babybel cheese - opt for light Raw nuts Egg whites (zap 'em or fry them quickly in a tiny bit of oil - eat them with salsa for a pop of flavour) Rice cakes and natural peanut butter Kale chips - now sold at many grocery stores, or make your own in advance (recipe HERE) Protein shakes - make sure to have a piece of fruit or some vegetables with it - I like Vega and Sun Warrior Homemade protein bars - I love this one from No Bake Protein Bars 1/2 peanut butter and jam or banana sandwich - a classic favourite! Use gluten-free bread if you'd like

These are only a few options to spur your imagination. Please share your own favourite healthy convenience foods in the comments section!