Hi friends,I am a personal trainer and nutrition specialist. I'm starting a blog because I need an outlet. I've been reading and absorbing and wrestling with and loving and craving all of this stuff for over eight years now. And let's face it, everybody is looking for free tips and advice! As you scroll down, you'll see that I've shared why I am beginning this project. But, not all entries will be quite this personal. In this blog there will be info that applies to absolutely everyone of all ages, all athletic abilities, all levels of interest in that which interests me (trust me!).

GOING FORWARD, EXPECT TO FIND: Discussions on current studies (caffeine or no caffeine?) Recipes Fast meal ideas Discussions of nutritional value in certain foods The best places to eat, and tips for eating out Training tips (new exercises, in-home exercises, my favourite exercises for each muscles group, cardiovascular training and fine-tuning, outdoor training, etc.) Advice for equipment and tools De-bunking fitness myths (SO excited to start tackling this one - finally I can challenge the monsters in the industry!) My favourite playlists I'll be answering common questions that my clients pose all of the time Postural Correction CORE TRAINING!!! Stretching Yoga Pilates Sleep Hydration I could go on and on and on......

Really, there won't be much of a structure. I have just so much to say, it will be difficult for me write it all at once. I must categorize, divide and conquer. Please feel free to send in any fitness/training/nutrition questions you may have. If for whatever reason I don't have the answer, I will find it. And before you start reading or following the blog, do bear in mind that all the books and studies in the world are NOTHING without experience. I would not have the knowledge I do now without the help of my hundreds of clients over the years. Each and every client has been unique and presented me with new questions or challenges, particular anatomical structures or goals that have contributed to my skills and the content of my understanding of this field. An enormous thank you to everyone that has contributed to the most incredible and dominating part of me. Thank you, thank you. xo


I was the kind of child who daydreamed incessantly, developed stories and characters and sentences in my brain all day long, and then once I began to write, I could not stop. Really - I stirred up endless amounts of stories and never finished one. When I was forced to complete some of my writing (for school) it turned out terribly. I like the open-ended progression that a blog offers.

In late high school, after having spent years being void of nutritional consideration, and years being afraid of physical activity as I was awkward in organized sports and didn't know anything more, I stumbled upon a fitness magazine at my place of employment (a tea room / ice cream parlour). Needless to say, working at an ice cream parlour and not having the slightest inclination about proper eating, my body was craving some change. And as I read, I thoroughly understood fitness, better than I had ever grasped anything. I began to completely understand nutrition. I got used to tasting real food and not the imposter variety with its sugar, salt and additives. I got so excited about different creative strength-training exercises. I don't know how to explain this bit... Resistance exercises, in their many categories, with their many details of form and particular movements introduced me to a world of colour. Nothing has ever hit me so hard. I never desired anything more than finding new execises, feeling the difference in my body, introducing them to others. Reading about different foods I'd never heard of, learning how to use them. And again, the more I learned, the more I was dying to teach and share.

So here we are. I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist at times, and shamefully I can avoid things that I love the most because I don't like to come up short. Writing falls into this category. Fitness conditioning, nutrition and my role as a personal trainer has been the most important thing in my life. Because I never wanted anything more than to do this full-time, it used to make me nervous. The age of nineteen/twenty is a daunting time to tackle something that you know will be a lifetime commitment. I must say, I've never wavered, and I never let it take a backseat. That being said, the things that make us nervous are often the things most worth doing. It's been years since I've written liberally like I used to as a child. So I've been putting off this bit as well. But, fitness has a funny way of teaching you to push through the things that you find tough. It is resistance... and you learn that after you push yourself through some resistance, well it just makes LIFE better. Let's hope my accomplishments in fitness will filter into my writing, and over time make it easier and easier.

I promise every submission will not be this lengthy. Perhaps this grande nonfat latte beside me is taking over a bit... but the origin truly is excitement. I'm having a hard time deciding what to submit tomorrow - either the different kinds of FATS, or training techniques for postural correction. Both in the near future, anyway.

Thanks for checking in! J