Evolved Sport and Nutrition: A different approach to sustainable health

Approximately two years ago I found myself looking at the way health is addressed in Canada and decided I wanted to do something completely different. I wanted to integrate all the knowledge I had on health. I wanted to bring my experiences and training as a Registered Dietitian, Sports Dietitian, Life Coach, Personal Trainer, Athlete and Cook together to approach health in a more holistic way. Out of that dream came Evolved Sport and Nutrition (ESN).

Evolved Sport and Nutrition believes that health is on a constant and dynamic continuum. ESN looks at many different forms of health, including: Emotional Health, Spiritual Health, Social Health as well as Physical Health (just to name a few), in order to address the very complicated aspect of health. While our primary focus is in Nutrition to achieve health, we also see how different variables can have an impact on both Nutrition and Health. Being able to look at more than just nutrition allows us to set you up for success and find a personalized approach to nutrition to create true and sustainable change.

Evolved Sport and Nutrition is dedicated to bringing the most innovative and cutting edge research based information to maximize everyone’s potential.  ESN looks at the individual or team as a whole, where the philosophy is that true, sustainable health cannot be attained through either diet or physical activity alone.  Rather ESN takes a very unique approach in lifestyle management by looking at your diet, physical activity, daily routine, cooking ability and anything else that may be health related in order to create true and sustainable change.  ESN is Complete Lifestyle Management.

 Today, ESN continues to grow. Now having two other Sports Dietitians that carry the same approach to Nutrition and Health has allowed me to not only better serve the Greater Toronto Area, but also all of Canada through online consultations. In these two years I’ve been so fortunate to be able to work with people and athletes from the weekend warrior to professional athletes, Olympic Gold Medalists and even celebrities! With Emilie, my Crossfit nutrition specialist and Alysha, my bodybuilding and physique transformation specialist, ESN has been able to provide an even higher level of care to our clients! Our work is never done at ESN. We take every chance we get to learn about different aspects of health and food in hopes that we can continue to better serve our clients and to better influence the health of all Canadians!


Ben Sit, RD, Sports Dietitian




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