My name is Colby Bucci and I’m a Physiotherapist. I currently practice in Toronto out of The Centre for Fitness Health & Performance (CFFHP). It’s a very busy and energetic clinic where I have the opportunity to work alongside Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Personal Trainers, and Naturopathic Doctors. 

Growing up I played a lot of sports and experienced my own injuries and rehab processes, that’s what first sparked my interest. Also, growing up in Sarnia Ontario with my Nonna and Nonno (Italian grandparents) and seeing the toll a lifetime of hard work was inflicting on them really sealed the deal for me. I would often think to myself, 'If I only knew how to help them'.

On any given day I encounter many different injuries, personalities, and situations – all of which keep me thinking, laughing, and learning. It has thus become my duty to do all I can to help people achieve a pain-free life. I love being a physiotherapist for many reasons, the greatest one being the simplest… I get to help people. Everyday I work alongside my patients to improve their quality of life and help them along their individual paths to success. 

How Physiotherapy can help you:

Physiotherapy pays specific attention to the rehabilitation and pain management of acute and chronic injuries as well as education and advice about health promotion, disease, and injury prevention. Balancing out the body with physiotherapy helps you to gain more out of your workouts and to hit those goals faster.

All treatment sessions are conducted one-on-one between the physiotherapist and the patient, no hand-offs to supporting staff and no double-bookings. Private treatment rooms also ensure total confidentiality is maintained.

Both the physiotherapist and the client play an active role in their treatment. Working closely together will help to accurately address and correct signs and symptoms as well as solve the underlying cause to ensure the pain, tension, inflammation etc does not return.

Typical conditions treated:

postural dysfunction, back pain, post surgery rehab, muscle and ligament injury, osteoarthritis management, shoulder impingement, plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow and much more.

We help  you get back to training faster, allow your muscles to activate properly and work together in balance to get more out of your training and prevent re-injury.

The Centre for Fitness Health and Performance

1 St Clair Ave East suite 1001



Colby Bucci, Physiotherapist, MScPT