Lisa Labute from the Goods chats with us about why she got into her beautiful food business, which features a lovely food shop and also services lunch deliveries all over Toronto - find out more on their website, listed below.

Real food, with a particularly strong emphasis on raw plant based foods, has been a tremendous force in my life. Until 6 years ago I had no food consciousness, I ate what I wanted, mostly junk. It was then I happened across at a raw food restaurant and was floored by this delicious cuisine prepared only with plants. At the time I didn't even like vegetables so I was overcome with excitement and the need to learn more. So it began, my body and mind were completely transformed with the introduction of a balanced diet full of organic whole foods. I felt amazing. I quit my career as a producer and traveled the world learning all I could about raw food. When I returned to Canada in 2012, I saw a need for simple, clean takeout in Toronto and the Goods was born. My passion to provide clean, nourishing and delicious meals made from scratch drives me. The community's ongoing support and our customers' personal transformations strengthens my belief that food is at the root of everything. 

the Goods
1255 Dundas Street West
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Lisa Labute