My dear friend Brittany Coughlan and her Pilates pal Andrea Palen have launched a fantastic new site chockfull of videos to help the public access high quality pilates instruction from anywhere in the world - including your living room!  

Pilates for the People was developed out of the need to make Pilates a more accessible exercise modality. There are certain connotations linked to Pilates, like you have to be a thin dancer-type to do Pilates, or it's an exercise class for your mom. In actuality, Pilates can be a way to strengthen the muscles in your body in a balanced way, and can compliment your existing fitness regimen. Pilates also helps combat nasty postural habits that can develop from sitting at a desk all day. We created PFTP for the hard worker, the world traveller, and the busy body who can't necessarily make it to a conventional class. Our online studio is available whenever, and wherever. Try our free YouTube videos, they're fun and easy to follow. The bottom line is, Pilates really is for everyone, so give it a try!