men fitness I've found myself in a few conversations lately with some big, strong guys who are sort of feeling stumped when they're at the gym. They've been doing the same exercises for years and years, and don't really know how they should be switching it up (many just hate to admit it and ask for help - which is of course why I start digging).

So, they hobble around from the lat pulldown machine to the leg press, from the bench to the roman chair, and finally when they run out of ideas they leave the gym feeling certainly more depleted than pumped up.

What's missing? A solid circuit structure. Circuit style training is amazing for you men because it gives you that intensity, that rush of adrenaline as well as the heavy-lifting component most men crave. Whether or not fat loss is a goal, circuit-style training provides such a well-rounded cardio component that lends itself to your improved endurance, high intensity, decreased recovery time - as well as keeps you muscular and lean. It is ultimately the most efficient way to train. Everyone should be training like an athlete, to some degree; focusing on functionality and mobility.

Putting your program together doesn't have to be rocket science, either. Plan 3 circuits. Include one plyometric exercise / cardiovascular burst in each circuit. Make the first circuit for your largest muscle groups - back, chest, legs. The second circuit can be a bit more specific - hamstrings, and at least 2-3 core exercises (including lower back) Try to include a plank variation, and an exercise with an oblique focus to keep it varied. The third circuit should be your smaller muscle groups - delts, biceps and triceps. Repeat each circuit 3-4 times if you are starting out, and repetitions should be between 8-12 for most exercises.

Whip through this full body workout, including your cardiovascular bursts (burpees, mountain climbers, jump rope) and every area of your athletic life will thank you. You hear me?

So no more lumbering around the gym, checking your phone and checking out chicks. Get to work and get strong.

If you need a reference for choosing exercises to make up your circuits, I to this day still really respect Mens Health.