Welcome to our new website, and new business name! There are lots of new things to come with this new look and name: here you will find everything that you need for YOUR transformation.  All recipes, advice, videos, rants and raves will be as honest as always. Keeping everybody's transformations pure, real, and therefore long-lasting. And so, here is our new feature: Music Mondays.  Every Monday I will be posting one of my favourite mixes for workouts. Music can play such a key role in keeping us moving and motivated even when our bodies start to lose some energy.  Psychology plays an enormous role in our endurance, and music affects our psychology tremendously.

I am kicking it off with one of my TOP favourites!  Try to quit your workout before this mix is over - I dare you. And seeing as we are now well into October, what better to give you than a Halloween mix!

Hi-5 Halloween Mix 2010 Go download it, put it on your iPod and enjoy your next workout!

And check back in often for more recipes, directional videos, mixes, reviews, and shared epiphanes for all things wellness. We never stop learning.