Happy Monday! I've got some really awesome, bumping house music for you this week, courtesy of Dj Balu, from Ottawa. It's bright, jazzy, and a perfect blend for the sunshine and fresh air! If you've started your outdoor runs, and are looking for that PUSH of energy, go grab this mix.

I've used Balu's mixes many, many times before in my cardio sessions because they seem to turn you into a robot, in a good way! You just keep moving and moving and moving, and often surpass the time you had initially intended to spend on cardio. And lord knows, I NEED that - I'm definitely a strength over endurance kind of girl. Before you know it, you've sweated a ton, had your heart pumping, but feel FANTASTIC and energized instead of drained.

Lucky us, this mix is brand new.

Get it here: February 2012 - Balu

Have great workouts this week, everyone!