We're almost at 30 free music downloads! At 30, I am going to shift gears and offer something new for Mondays, so be sure to get these all in while you can, so that you have a lengthy rotation for your workouts - lots of variety! Today I'm giving you one of my favourite Keys N Krates tracks. We already know I don't just choose tracks and mixes that are new, but ones that suit my workouts the best and energize me the most. Although the group has tons of new songs out, this one is still one of the best for H.I.I.T. workouts that can include plyometrics and sprints.

This Florence and the Machine remix is really high energy and makes you jump heavily right into whatever you're doing - so you might want to get a warm-up in BEFORE training to this track ;)

Postcards From Italy - Keys N Krates Remix

Go get it, and work damn hard this week. It feels GOOD.