It's March! (Doesn't bloody well feel like it out there, but it is!)So, let's steam our way through this month until spring.

Since we all need a little energy boost and revitalization in the gym, and I am a self-confessed music junkie, I've decided to bring back "Music Mondays" and to feature an amazing workout song to add to your playlists every Monday for the next little while.

The songs will be super hot, super motivating and will help to keep you pumping on those days when your energy might otherwise be lacking. A great start to the week!

Today's track is Hot Hands by Darius. Follow the link here, and you can buy it on iTunes at the link. I bought the whole EP and it's fantastic. Smooth but vibrant, bouncy and sexy. Just want you want to sweat to!

I've been bumping this for my past few workouts and it does wonders to compliment the endorphins.