I am writing about this today because it's all I can think about. This is my platform and where I express what gives me goosebumps and makes me practice being alive, and sometimes it ain't all about health and wellness. Sometimes humanity has bigger problems. I am going to start here -

Straight people: You know you're straight, right? You know that you couldn't get it on with someone of the same sex, and feel into it. You couldn't fall in love with someone of the same sex, likely, and for that person to encompass romance for you until the day you die. You can't really see yourself raising a family with someone of the same sex. It would feel like a lie, it would be uncomfortable.

Here is where the attitude needs to shift. If you can't imagine it for you, you being straight, it doesn't mean that it's right for others. In fact, these feelings ARE what much of society is expecting of homosexual people. We expect them to fake love with a gender that doesn't feel natural to them, or to not love at all. LOVE is a basic human right, it is what builds families, communities and ultimately keeps the world in tact. It is the most prominent counter-force to the stress that life brings.

Human beings need each other, in friendships, support, and in romantic love. And if people are born gravitating toward the opposite sex, or if they are born gravitating toward the same sex, their choice should not be "fake it or go without."

Our intolerance is an indication of us dwelling in a negative swamp. Sticking to traditional guns out of slight discomfort (I assume). This discomfort is simply a weak, psychological wall that we have put inside ourselves. Our slight discomfort crumbles in comparison to the discomfort proposed onto the human beings who have to feel like they're doing something wrong, just because their natural inclination is ever so slightly different from that of heterosexuals. It is not wrong, it is a real, natural and physical right.

Just the same as heterosexuals feel it in their guts to love and be with and build with someone of the opposite sex, homosexuals feel it in their gut to build with someone of the same sex.

To restrict love in such a love-starved world is sick, maniacal and sadistic.

Politicians, unfortunately, even with human compassionate and an urge to shape a more tolerant society, have to tread lightly when the masses are so overwhelmingly intolerant. It is so tragic to me that politicians have to hold back their feelings in order to stay remain in office, where they can really make positive change. And, those other politicians who still feel such greed for happiness and don't wish to share it with those who feel differently from them (our overwhelming intolerant folk in the political system), are still managing to get such dangerous words out there, and such strong support.

What worries me the most are the comments of intolerance on all of these online articles regarding this issue. It is not the politicians - their dealings with this issue are a direct representation of how the masses are expressing themselves.

Human beings have the ability to empathize with each other. Why would we fight so hard to avoid understanding how it must feel to be deprived of love and commitment? Every human being knows how it feels to be left out, to be hurt, to be weakened by a larger group. And imagine if you had to experience such harshness for something that you can't control, and that shouldn't otherwise be fussed over as a negative thing?

I can't understand it. But my one wish is that compassionate human beings, you know - those members of our species who are supposed to help each other, stand up for each other, grow together (rather than turn on each other and suck each others' blood) will begin to have a larger voice. Will risk losing some following for the sake of making this important voice LOUDER than that of sadistic intolerance.

I won't tolerate this selfish, ignorant idea existing on the streets of our immediate communities or floating around government offices anymore, it's ridiculous. It's bullying. It's the lowest human quality, displayed with the big players for the whole world to see. We have to start talking louder, let everyone love, let everyone grow with their families. For those who have the barrier of discomfort inside themselves against this equality - just change your mind and your physical upset, which is based on nothing sensical, and your discomfort will be gone in a human heartbeat.