Recently I was forced to assess my workload and come up with solutions to always feeling behind.Sometimes we have to restrict or scale down some passionate intent, when it can (over time) develop into wildfire. I don't know a soul who's never gotten carried away by something (or someone) they love.

Organization is the ultimate key to success, no matter what one seeks efficiency in. Both lifestyle and business can see a complete nosedive or burnout with a lack of organization, OR, a well-fueled and completely sustainable strong machine, with its appropriate application. Sustainability is as important a concept to pay mind to in life as it is in our food. The answer is balance.

This week, I decided to begin a meal delivery service for the month of April. With the hopes of blogging more regularly, launching an outdoor fitness class for the summer, having un-rushed workouts for myself and being full of nutrition to be bright and energetic with my clients, I committed to one month of organic and balanced meals. No fuss, no time involved, no excess clean-ups, no dishes... Simply great eating, mental alertness and energy to spread around to my clients.

My clients, friends and family know that I never have and never will stand behind something if I don't 100% believe in it. I've been approached by product and supplement companies before offering many rewards, but one thing I've never done in business is compromise sincerity. I want my readers and clients to always trust that I mean what I say, and I take that very seriously as I find, these days, it can be difficult to know the difference between what someone means, and what is simply a business transaction. And so, I am wholeheartedly RAVING about FitOrganix today, organically (pun intended).

Founded by a fellow fitness pro, the meals are designed to include the best quality whole foods available to us, and used in delicious recipes worthy of any high end restaurant. Your insulated food bag arrives daily between 4-6am, featuring 3 meals and a snack for the day. I can't tell you how exciting today was, when at 6am I didn't have to squeeze in any cooking - just simply spooned the coconut crusted quinoa bake that had chunks of juicy mango, bananas and toasted almonds in it into my mouth. I was feeling light, energized and NOT HUNGRY for another four hours. The not hungry part is key - usually every 2-3 hours of jumping around demo-ing moves and running from client to client, my stomach starts to growl!

The meals are free of gluten, dairy and soy - no bloat, no fuss. Just delicious, clean meals featuring whole nutrition. I did my research, and other companies that I investigated could not compete with the lack of allergens or inclusion of superfoods of FitOrganix's meals. Getting the protein, vegetables and healthy fats I need in the right balance and portions, and not having to think about it is the most valuable thing I can dream up. This is absolutely the most worthwhile investment I've made. Getting proper nutrition and feeling confident in your health is a feeling that is unmatched by anything else. It will affect every aspect of your life experience.

And so, for my clear head and energized body this week, thank you FitOrganix! What a tremendous service you are providing. Kudos.

Should you find yourself compromising your nutrition and falling out of balance, I high recommend checking out this Toronto-based company.


Scrambled eggs and parsnip "fries" Lentil and vegetable stew with roasted rosemary beets Mmm the tropical fruit, coconut crusted quinoa bake Steak, roasted brussel sprouts (fave!) and snow peas Delicious chicken breast, steamed vegetables and cabbage salad. Clean, clean, clean.