If you know me at all, or perhaps even from having glimpsed at my blog, you would know that right up there with fitness in my life is my preoccupation with and passion for amazing music. It changes me, daily. The right song at the right time changes how I experience everything. Including workouts!

I want to share with you my collection of favourite songs from Hype Machine. When I hit the gym, I simply roll through my Favourites list which continues to grow on the daily, so it's always fresh but I can always resort to old favourites. I plug it in and throw them on at parties, and I sweat my BUTT off to them in the gym. Some of my friends even play off this list during their commutes, etc.

If your playlists are getting old, get the Hype Machine app, follow me and roll through my collection. You can also just follow this link and blast it on your computer while you work:

Jess Manning on Hype Machine

Music is an integral motivating tool for many during their workouts. So maybe this will help you finish off this week with a bang (while getting ready for an amped Halloween weekend)!