Well, it's that time for me to take off and see a little more of the world. This means that my fitness diarists are taking the next two weeks off as well. In two weeks we find out how they made do with their trainer out of town! I've pumped out about 15 programs and am crossing my fingers that all of my recruits will stay well on track, independently. There are usually very mixed replies to "How did it go?" upon my return. And of course there was one client who already told me: "I'm going to be drunk the whole time!" Thanks, you-know-who-you-are. :s

I am planning for this trip (to Cartagena, Colombia) to be packed with adventure, so I'm sure I'll have many stories to report upon returning! Not only that… but this trip will also include many new challenges for me. Backpacking and hosteling, I assume, will provide a challenge when it comes to squeezing in some workouts! Not to mention the two buddies of mine who I highly doubt I'll be able to drag to the beach for burpees in their hungover states…

That said - I plan to do some yoga in the courtyard, plenty of hiking and maybe a morning run or two.

Will I succeed? I'll keep ya posted. I'll either come back with new tips I've experienced, or with a guilty confession of my lack of fitness diligence! I am 100% confident, however, that I will be incredibly active while in Colombia (if nothing else, from shaking my butt every night!) ;)

Have a great couple of weeks, everyone!

Photo from jetblue.com