I know, the irony of this concept while I'm sitting here writing in my advice-giving wellness blog.And I am sparing you a photo of bull-shit and opting for a bull-dog instead. You're welcome.

Oh man, this industry cracks me up! People identify with an idea and then commit to it so hard, that they become unwilling to hear alternate views or try new things. How many times in my 320 posts have I urged the following: EVERYBODY IS DIFFERENT! ??

Paleo? Gluten-free? Dairy-free? Crossfit? Hot Yoga? Steady State Cardio? Circuit Training? H.I.I.T?

Paleo - okay, someone took the concept of eating clean, whole foods, labelled it and is profiting off of it. People like to label what they're doing because it's trendy. If you're eating nutritious foods and limiting processed ones, good for you! You're eating a clean diet. The end.

Gluten can make many of us feel like we've eaten glue, and our insides are stuck - things not coming out, nutrients not being fully absorbed in. There is now an anti-gluten-free movement happening across social media platforms (again, this is making me giggle). Dude, if you have normal bowel movements (yup, I'm going there), feel svelte and energetic and don't have great lethargic episodes, hell - throw it back. And gluten-free folks, stocking up on gluten-free processed goods is NOT THE BLOODY POINT.

Dairy is probably the food source that people react negatively to the most. But if you consume dairy and don't feel bloated, uncomfortable, don't have any issues with dark circles under the eyes or skin problems, then cool! Eat it!

Crossfit can be cult-like, and people are hurting themselves because if you hold the number of higher importance than the body, you will suffer repercussions and some can last the rest of your life (injuries). But, it can be great for people who never compromise listening to their body, who know when the body knows even better than the instructor, who have integrity and who are motivated by groups.

Hot yoga - oh, it makes you dizzy and unbalanced? Don't do it. Makes you feel opened up, inspired and balanced? Go to town.

Steady state cardio - if this is ALL you do, your joints will pay eventually. And you probably won't have a nice firm shape. But, I'm sure your heart will still be happy. If doing steady state cardio a couple times a week makes you feel free and wild and incredible, then it's good for YOU. DO IT. (Just do some strength to keep the muscles around the joints doing their job properly.)

H.I.I.T. This is another term like paleo that irritates me. I've been in this industry for twelve years and I've known about interval training from the beginning. But the TERM became trendy. It's kind of like "irritable bowel syndrome" - the, I-know-what-it-is-but-not-specifically kind of thing. Intervals are, simply, having your heart rate moving back and forth from intense to recovery, and then conditioning that concept so that your body will recover best from cardiovascular bursts for when you need them. Yes, it is also great for metabolism (so is proper sleep, hydration, strength training and eating clean. Let's not confuse things.) This kind of training is just part of keeping a body fit and healthy. It doesn't need a trendy name and an obsessive following. And guess WHAT? Super intense workouts like P90x and Insanity ARE NOT FOR EVERYBODY!

Circuit training - simply strength training completed in circuits. Allows for the heart rate to remain elevated so that the heart is becoming conditioned, while providing "active rest" to muscle groups. Ie, you keep moving and becoming fitter while a certain muscle group gets a little break from its shining moment (like the legs from a lunge while the lats get theirs in a pulldown).

Here's my point. If you've tried something and it doesn't jive with you, that's fine. Everybody is different. You don't have to adopt trends and label yourself, and you don't have to spit hate all over them either. Trust me, I get annoyed with trends. I watch them come and go and will forever and ever. It is my job to work specifically with each individual to help them figure out exactly what with work for them. I've done this for myself, as well. I offer suggestions (if a client is forever gassy and bloated, you better believe I am going to take a look at their diet and and suggest 3 lattes a day might not be ideal for them), but what you do with your body is your choice. And it doesn't have to be un-bending and black and white!

Why are we all trying to be know-it-alls? Why are we all acting like narrow-minded snobs when it comes to health? Oh, it is driving me crazy.

Educate yourself, absolutely. Try things. But just as this world will never follow one religion or commit to one belief system, we need to remain open to each other's personal health decisions.

I smile. Humans seems to have this desperate need to define things and belong to some structure when attempting to change. If you are motivated and feeling good, you will do right by your body. But you don't need to lock it into a kind of rigid shell of some composed ideal in order to move forward in health. Be open! Listen to people's excitement about new things they're trying openly, and smile at them! We are not in competition with each other. Do right by YOU. You're different! We are ALL different.

And for the love of god (or plants or animals or the universe or whatever the hell you want), if anybody tells you to cut out fruit, walk the other way.