Today's post is hilarious and a bit ridiculous, but serves a very valid point. I used to fall asleep in class. All through the day, every single day. I was constantly slurping on juiceboxes, having taken the advice of my mother and my doctor. They had me on iron pills and extra protein powder (since I had never been much of a meat eater) - but nothing seemed to kick the lethargy. This is quite humiliating - but there was a time when I would get to my home in the country, from school, around 4... and I would be in bed by 6pm. I wouldn't get up for dinner, I didn't have the energy. I slept until 6am the next morning.

Things weren't always THIS bad, as bad as this phase, but I remember it clearly. I remember the feeling. I even fell asleep in the shower many mornings and would wake to my mother pounding on the door... Well - it's simply no way to live.

When I started reading and prioritizing nutrition, and started working out, these torturous days laden with fatigue quickly became history. I suddenly had more energy than I knew what to do with. I was happy all of the time! I remember, for example, being at a bush party (remember - I grew up in the country!) and doing calf raises on a log bench because I couldn't bloody well stop using these new muscles that had ordinarily never found any purpose in my life. My head was always then in physical advancement, and not setting myself back, because feeling on top of things physically changed every single element of my life - most of all my joy of living.

Soon enough, I was living downtown and biking to the gym, biking to school, biking home for a snack... then biking to work at a gym, biking to yoga, and biking back home again. Okay, perhaps I dove in a little too deep. But my point is that fitness and activity and having energy made me feel on top of the world.

Sure enough, to this day - if I indulge a few too many days in a row or slack on too many workouts, that sad, lethargic girl starts to sweep back in. I need naps. I can't focus.

Your life and your energy is what you make it. If you work long hours, find ways to break a sweat in the middle of the day, or even just to get some bursts of activity. Bolt up some stairs - hell, do some wall push-ups in the bathroom stall! Use your body. Remind it that you haven't forgotten, so it won't bail on YOU.

If you don't use it, you lose it. End of story. Your quality of life is in your own hands - sometimes it just takes a push. But don't go through life dragging, feeling behind... it just isn't living.

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