Cravings hit. Much of my writing is geared toward coaching to invest in your meals and wellness patterns in order to LIMIT and restrict cravings.  But they still can happen occasionally.

Lack of sleep, sex, hydration, sunlight & fresh air,  and vitamins seem to be the top triggers. ALL of these things affect hormones, and hormones can affect cravings.

Winter boredom certainly doesn’t help!

When cravings hit, it’s best to first consider what you might be missing. Scan your last few days in your mind and make sure you’ve gotten enough healthy fats, protein, greens and other colours (micronutrients).  Enough sturdy complex carbs, if need be.

And then check in on the other qualities of wellness. Sleep, sex (solo counts too!), sunlight (or vitamin D), exercise, fresh air, FUN…? Maybe you need to balance out, somehow. I’ll leave that up to you.

But now let’s deal with the immediate. The cravings are here! Now what?!

Often times you can fix them up with a meal itself. A nice salty salmon and big salad with so many flavours and textures – so filling that you can’t possibly imagine anything bigger or better. Balance your flavours. But if the meal itself is not cutting it, let’s chat options for the extras.

Some non-detrimental salty snacks:

Salted rice crackers and hummus

Rice cake and avocado with sea salt

A dill pickle

Seaweed snacks

Homemade sweet potato fries

Baked Tortilla chips or Snapea Crisps (a portion!)

Rice cake and tuna or turkey with avocado


Some non-detrimental sweet snacks:

2 squares of dark chocolate (I love raspberry or mint)

Homemade muesli consisting of a small handful each of large flake oats, dried cranberries, pumpkin seeds or walnuts and some unsweetened almond milk

A handful of dried cranberries on their own

Tea and a tsp of raw honey

A slice of white bean toast and a tsp each of natural nut better and raw honey

Chia pudding

Vanilla or chocolate protein shake frothed up with half a frozen banana and almond milk

A small bowl of hot oatmeal with a little maple syrup, honey or blueberries and a small amount of crushed walnuts or other kind of healthy fat

An apple with cinnamon and a tablespoon of almond butter


I try to keep things in the house that are versatile and that can satisfy almost any craving without being detrimental toward my health or energy.  So there’s always something I can reach for without having to reach for takeout. It does happen, but we all have weeks where we need to be more stringent, and in these cases it’s good to have an “emergency craving solution” plan in place just in case!

When none of these will cut it, have a little bit of what you’re craving and then move on. Try to think about something else. Busy yourself with a hobby, a walk, a workout or getting a good night’s sleep.

Listen to your body, pay attention to your lifestyle balance, and no matter what, always feed yourself with self respect and diligence whether you’re indulging or not.  Do not eat angrily and treat your body like a trash can.  It’s a complex and amazing machine, and it’s good to you more times than not! Treat it back with care.