I'm going to tell you a secret.There isn't a fitness professional in the whole world who knows absolutely everything there is to know about human movement, nutrition, injuries, illnesses and exercises. No, not even THAT one!

Those who stay in a box, caged by their egos and convinced that they know all, will only ever stay at a certain level of knowledge (and brilliance and further epiphanies will always pass them by).

This weekend, I spent my oh-so-early mornings and afternoons at the CanFitPro Conference. It is a conference for Canadian Fitness Professionals, although we are spoiled with speakers and experts and attendees from all over North America, and all over the world.

Amid lectures and workouts and workshops varying from subjects of yoga, pilates, high-energy dance-based fitness classes, BOSU classes, TRX classes... almost everything you can imagine, there is a tradeshow for all of the professionals and enthusiasts to try out new products. And not only that, but in the middle of the tradeshow you would find a live group bootcamp! Experts watching experts kick the asses of experts. Thrilling!

The point is, each professional needs to allow him or herself to be inspired and influenced (while holding true to his/her gut) by the methods and understandings of others. We become better, more sincere and helpful professionals by remaining open and always trying new things, and listening to numerous perspectives on the workings of the industry.

The fitness / health industry changes constantly. New trends come in, some stay for decades, some remain relevant forever. Of course, there are some entrepreneurs simply looking to make a buck and they know that our industry can be a great platform to do so. But this is why we learn - to differentiate between practicality and initial appeal. These participants aside, the industry is a wonderful playground for many types of enthusiasts who all share a common goal: helping people to find love of living, through movement. I certainly saw this over the weekend, and it just reinforced the fact that the more that we communicate with each other, and share ideas with each other, the more educated we become and the faster we can pick this world up and get it moving.