Last week I had the great pleasure of having a private pilates class with my friend Brittany Coughlan, owner of Fine Tune Pilates, at the Tula Studio - South Location (Liberty Village). Brittany and I do share many of the same philosophies on training the body, and opinions of form principles. BUT, pilates practice is different from the circuit-format workouts that I coach my clients through. Fitness professionals should ALL be conditioned and knowledgeable in a variety of different ways, and in order to TEACH this way, we must TRAIN this way. I have practiced pilates before, but one-on-one was a treat.

Wow, was I ever feeling every inch of my body - tightened in, wound up - a lovely, thorough wrapping of conditioning to my entire anatomy. Brittany was perfectly precise, and gave great light to the name "Fine Tune". Yes, jumping over benches and various strength moves can be invigorating, but this thoughtful, specific practice left me feeling SO invigorated. Worked from the inside-out, and we all know, this is my very favourite thing!

We did some matwork, some work with the rack, and some work on the reformer. I was put to shame in the "elephant" - more lower core work in my future! The best thing about a great instructor is that even just one hour will leave you with tips that will alter your training from here on. It creates a new road, it really carves new shape to your workout, and your awareness of imbalances in your own body.

Stay tuned for when I take Brittany through a personal training session! You ready, Britt?

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