I mentioned in a past post that there are many things in life we can't choose, and can't control.We can't control natural disasters (directly, anyway - that's a whole other blog entry AND blog), we can't control where we're born and what family we're born into. We can't control our genetics. We can't control the lives of other people, how they treat their pets, children, partners, and their own bodies. We do constantly have choices with our own (bodies). If you have been living uncomfortably for the past five or ten years (or more), you've made that choice. If you decide to give up and accept your body's condition the way it is, that is your choice. If you want to take advantage and bring it to its full potential, you make that call as well. And then every day, you make a decision whether to slide backwards, to remain at a standstill, or to move forward in your own health and happiness.

I feel like quite often people forget about this switch that is either on or off in our heads. We are either actively pursuing satisfaction with our health and bodies, or we are lying passive in dissatisfaction and letting our physical fate be what it's going to be. So let me remind you of your two options: make a bit of a time, emotional, physical and mental investment for an enormous transformation in how you feel every single day of your life - or don't do anything, remain passive in the passenger seat and complain / fret about 90% more often. One drains our lives, the other pumps it plump with pleasure and vitality.

So you can fall flat, or you can make the call, grab the reigns and live.