I ate overnight chia buckwheat groats for breakfast and got through 3 clients (including 2 hours of driving) without being hungry until I was home! I love this breakfast - it's rammed with nutrition, stabilizes blood sugar, keeps you satiated and clear-headed with perfect, steady energy for hours.

This is why: Buckwheat groats SEEM like a grain but they are actually a fruit seed related to rhubarb.  They are safe for those avoiding glutenous grains, yet can be cooked just like grains.  You can add them to a stir fry of vegetables, or cook them just like porridge (like I do). Its flavour is chameleonic, it takes on the flavour of what you cook it with.  Frankly, it was delicious with a bit of banana and nut butter in my overnight chia pudding concoction.

In 1/4 cup serving you have 5g of protein and 4g of fibre, which helps to offset a typical mid morning crash after a higher-starch breakfast.  It surpasses oats in value because of its blood sugar stabilizing protein and fibre (the fats from the chia help, too).

Here's how to make this little magical batch:

Rinse the groats. Place them in a mason jar.

Add 2 T chia seeds

Add 1/3 cup of unsweetened almond OR coconut milk.

Tighten the lid, shake the jar, then place it in the fridge overnight. (Come back and shake it again after 10-20 minutes for a better composition.)

In the morning, simply empty it into a bowl, add half a banana + 1 tsp of nut butter (if desired), then heat and enjoy!

Mine sometimes comes into the car in tupperware with my before my first client. ;)

I don't mess with sugar in the morning, and I would recommend that you avoid it, too.  Half a banana has enough.  If you sweeten your breakfast, your blood sugar will be a bit offset for the day and I can basically guarantee a faster crash, and a more fierce craving coming up around the bend in the afternoon.  Just being honest - tried & true!