My clients and I have all moved through and endured many major changes over the years. Selling and buying houses, promotions, dismissals, births and deaths to name a few.

When you work closely with people's lives and are in the management of their well-being, you go through almost everything with them - because changes, both good and bad, affect their physicality.  Huge amounts of stress can really throw our bodies out of whack.  And change of any kind can present with it an enormous amount of that stress, even when that stress is good.

A lot of the time, we discuss form, balanced workouts, preventing back pain, keeping more fit throughout the workday, healthy lunch ideas, how to balance moods and what to eat to sleep better at night.  But, inevitably (and confidentially) our conversations can also blend into sex lives, bowel movements, the consequences of stress on relationships, and ultimately overall happiness and its prompts or prevention.

As many of us have at this point learned, things can get really difficult sometimes, just because.  Because there are so many details flying around us all the time, because bills and taxes and now the management of a technological dependency can be overwhelming enough - without throwing in a changing/aging life, a changing body, changing social platforms, family dynamics, etc.  

My point is, we all need a little bit of help sometimes. Our lives aren't as simple as they used to be, and getting healthy, for one thing, is not as simple as it used to be.  So many things in our lives now affect our health, and stress is probably number one.  Stress is why we fall off the deep end, why we avoid the things we need to do, therefore allowing a snowball affect leaving us feeling even more overwhelmed than that which initially began the backward movement.

I believe that in order to turn it around and gain control (of stress, health, happiness) you have to first gain awareness.  Secondly, reject shame and accept your feelings of being overwhelmed.  Thirdly, recruit help when you need it.  You don't have to do it alone. You don't - not when it feels like too much.

If you understand the interconnectedness between your health and happiness and the efficiency of your life operation, and could use a hand when it comes to organization, guidance, and probably an ear from time to time, I'd like to help.  And I agonize over people at times being afraid to ask.

Yup, your core will get strong. Yup, you're going to fly up stairs when you need to, have great energy and be in a great mood.  Your butt will look great and your sex life will be on fire.  But beyond that, a little boost to your physicality will help in your feelings of capability and confidence when it comes to moving through life a little more easily.  We are better able to juggle from a strong place of balance! 

Personal training is not just "getting fit".  It's a complete transformation.  If you need something a bit better than counting your heart rate, calories or reps, give us a shout. September is the NEW new year, after all.