There's a brand new food delivery company in town, family owned and operated, and dedicated toward sprinkling quality nutrition around its community.

Prepped Organics is a home meal delivery service founded by Anna (mother), Emily and Rebekah (Anna's daughters) Okashimo, who first cultivated their love of delicious, organic meals on a farm outside of my own hometown, Guelph Ontario.  Having prepared meals from their garden for many years, they've since moved to the much busier Toronto, and noticed a gap in the market for the homemade, natural meals that many families are struggling to find the time to prepare for themselves. 

The website is thorough, fresh and inviting.  You can select the number of people you're feeding, the frequency and days you'd like to receive your meals, and how many weeks you'd like to purchase.  The page quickly calculates your total (very reasonable!) and you're off, with piece of mind for the days ahead.

At my doorstep, I received a Lemongrass Chicken & Vegetable Pho Bun.  It came in compartments so that it remained fully fresh, and it was fully cooked.  It came with a friendly note including preparation instructions for top results - which took 5 minutes max. It was colourful, flavourful, satisfying and certainly healthy.

I have more than a handful of clients who struggle week after week with their dinners.  We all get busy, we're tired at the end of the day, but at the same time we know that if we don't invest in our nutrition, we can spur a dangerous cycle of bad food habits, lethargy and irresponsibility affecting longterm health. I am definitely thinking of a ton of individuals who would benefit from such a well-executed service!

If you're struggling to eat the meals you know you deserve and will help you operate optimally, just need a little (affordable help), I strongly recommend giving this lovely family business a go. 

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Thanks again, Emily, Rebekah and Anna! A grateful and warm welcome to our wellness family here in Toronto.

Prepped Organics Lemongrass Chicken Vermicelli