Hey, meet one of our clients!  She runs a blog called The Healthy Hipster .  She's been training with Pure Transformation trainer Satch Gohil for about 2 years, and she's sharing her love for the functional, bodyweight, circuit-style workouts we offer.



Fitness on my own terms: How I Learned to Love Bodyweight Workouts

I grew up in the 90's, the decade where "eating disorders" became a major topic of public conversation. Between the ages of 10 and 16, I read countless news articles about this so-called plague affecting girls and women across North America. As a young, confident girl who ate like a horse and was active (I did dance classes 4 times a week), I considered myself above this epidemic... but I also feared it. And I carried this fear into my adult life. In my early 20's I no longer danced or participated in regular physical activity, but I didn't want to go the to gym because I couldn't bear being surrounded by fitness culture, which in my mind was synonymous with "superficiality," "body issues" and with a kind of a girl I never wanted to be.

Enter bodyweight workouts.

Despite my reservations about entering the traditional fitness universe (sounds like a bad gym franchise), I still loved physical activity and missed it in my life. So I came to the conclusion that if I worked out at home by myself, on my own terms... it was okay. Thus began my love of bodyweight workouts.

I am obsessed with a workout that I can do anywhere, anytime of the day or night, with little to no equipment. It is so flippin' empowering. All I need is me, my body, a little motivation and I'm off to the races.

When I started working out with Satch about 2 years ago now (crazy!) I had the first two pieces of that equation but was lacking a bit of motivation. It can be challenging to keep that up on your own. Satch provided me with the support, structure and oversight I needed to stay on track. Now that I feel my motivation has come back in a big way, he provides me with the guidance I need to keep challenging myself to see what more I can achieve.

This workout is one that Satch sent me ages ago, via email, when I was travelling in a remote community in Northern Ontario (my job takes me north fairly frequently). I still go to it whenever I want something quick, tough and equipment-free.



My go-to Bodyweight workout
Courtesy of Satch (aka my life coach)

40 Mountain Climbers
15 Regular Pushups
30 Bodyweight Squats
1 min Plank

100 Jump Rope
45sec Wall Squat
15 Tricep Dips
40 Single Leg Stretch

20 Jump Squats
20 (steps) Walking Lunge
15ea Side Plank Crunch

- Move quickly from one move to the next in each circuit, then take a 30-45sec break. Move onto the next circuit. 

- Once all three circuits are done, rest 1.5 - 2mins and repeat for total of three sets.

- Cool down and stretch


Besides her website, you can also find The Healthy Hipster on her Instagram @toomuchpabst and Twitter @healthy_hipster.