Not everyone's goal is to lose body fat, but it is a common one after a winter of hibernating. Even if it's just shedding a little around the midsection or getting back into a system of shedding quite a lot, the principles are quite the same. I figured it would be time for a reminder of our method at Pure Transformation. It's been used thousands of times by now, and it works. Simple as that.There's no tricking the body, no gimmicks or slimy tactics. It's very straightforward - but too many articles and speculation around the subject of fat loss has gotten everybody misaligned in terms of caring for their bodies.

1. Manage insulin levels - by eating meals and snacks that feature all macronutrients, by eating every 3-4 hours, and following appropriate portion sizes. If you're carrying some extra fat, you're probably eating too much of one thing, or too much, period. Either of these things can lead to increased stress levels, the hormone cortisol which encourages fat storage, less energy leading to less activity... you get the idea. Eat balanced meals, with a good source of carbohydrates, a lean protein and some healthy, natural fat, every time you eat.

2. Take in more bang for your buck. Always choose foods that deliver more nutritional density than others. Seek out dark colours in your produce, clean proteins and natural fats (that grow from the ground). Foods occurring naturally are here for our benefit - they contribute to optimal cell function. Do you think your body naturally wants excess fat? It doesn't. So, facilitate its efficiency by giving it what it needs.

3. Steady state cardio can be great for the brain, but the best fat burning workouts are muscle building, quick moving circuits which exercise your heart and all of your core muscles at the same time. Do NOT slack on your strength workouts, and do not slack DURING them. Change your workouts up, incorporating new, effective moves always and keep the core well stabilized and recruited throughout.

4. If you strength train 3x week, do a couple other activities on at least two other days. I like shorter interval workouts, fun hilly bike rides, a sport, rock climbing - keep it fresh. Be creative. Pick things that will have your body working in different ways.

5. Keep your wits about you. Stay calm. If you focus too much on a massive goal that seems far away, you risk stress and discouragement which will chain you back. You MUST focus on each progression, no matter how small. Try to make each day a bit better than the one before it, and that forward movement. Then, when you're lying in bed to go to sleep at night, you will feel proud of the day, satisfied, and optimistic. If you are trying to accomplish something - anything - and you lie in bed to close the day feeling you've set yourself back, it leads to a host of holdbacks. Know this, and learn to be diligent in avoiding it, if even from a happiness perspective. It's in our nature to want to make ourselves proud, and it should be a quality we use to our benefit.

Every little thing adds up. Whether this sounds simple to you, or complicated, it can waver between the two. Sometimes it helps to have reminders, and we all need them. If you're finding you need more specific guidance and support to help get you moving in the right direction, please drop us a line. The best thing about learning to do it the right way, is you never un-learn it as long as you live. And once you feel amazing, you'll never want to go back!