Okay. Any poutine lovers out there? This dish used to disgust me, back in the day. I wouldn't even dare try it. Take fat, cover it with fat, and then soak it in more fat. Really? Who would want to dish that in to their body??

BUT - then one day I tried it. Damn, it's pretty delicious. Texturally exciting. Still... if one wants a healthy heart and any shape/definition whatsoever, it can't be a frequent venture.

I've created this guilt-free poutine. I've made it at home (the man is a really happy dude), and now I'm going to share it with everyone. I'm not really great at writing things in recipe form, because I'm not terribly structured in my own cooking. I kind of throw things together. But, I think you can make sense of this and experiment to get it just right for you. Taste as you move along!

Rinse and chop up some potatoes into fries. Make sure they're sliced evenly so that they cook evenly. Set your oven to 400 degrees f. Spread the fries out over parchment paper, so that they won't stick. Drizzle in olive oil, salt and pepper to taste. These take about 45 minutes or so, just check them every once and a while after the 30 minute mark. Also, make sure to toss them around occasionally for even baking.

When you have about ten minutes left, make your gravy: Pour some chicken stock into a pot. Estimate, based on how much poutine you're making (see? Not a recipe-posting pro here!). Add some balsamic vinegar, and then add some flour. This recipe was pulled and altered from a Jamie Oliver recipe, for which he used a different stock and vinegarand with the addition of capers, but the proportions of flour, stock and vinegar were as follows: 500ml stock, 2 tbsp vinegar, 1 tbsp flour. Obviously, just alter it if you like the gravy thicker or thinner by using less of more flour, and more vinegar-y or less vinegar-y by using less or more vinegar. Whisk it up, cook it on medium and when it's thick and slightly boiling, turn it to MIN.

Crumble up some mozzarella cheese, as real as you can get it. I don't like to go over 15% mf in my mozzarella, I like it to stay a bit more rubbery (and obviously to put less saturated fat into my body).

So, take out the fries, put them in the bowl, throw on the cheese and pour on the gravy. I would suggest not having a HUGE portion - picture your fries AS potatoes, you don't want to eat four potatoes in one sitting, right? But, the gravy is lean, the fries are lean, and the cheese is... cheese. Never order a poutine after the bar again! ;) Enjoy.