Serious stuff, here.

Probably one of the biggest priorities of my business and my work is to try to coach people to learn to listen to themselves above all of the information and misinformation in the health industry.  Sure, we feel lost sometimes and need to be taught about fitness, nutrition, sleep habits, hormones and hydration.  We do need to read, listen and watch.  But it's vitally important that we don't skip over learning how to pay attention to that which our very smart bodies already know.

Do you ever think about the complexities of light traveling to the eye to create what we see? Or sound carrying to the ears? 

Our bodies are physically complex and efficient.  The human body and its nature blows my mind, more than almost anything else. How do we sense danger, desire sex, sleep and water, crave foods high in nutrients that are good for us at the right times?  The problem is we often mask these natural instincts with toxic things.  I think a lot of the time our emotions get the better of us, and we are conditioned as a society to turn to toxicity almost in an ironic way to ease our inconvenient emotional circumstance.

I try to teach clients to comb through what they're feeling to unveil their natural wants and needs. It isn't easy - I am a human, not a robot, so I experience it just the same.  But experiencing it on many levels helps me to guide my recruits through it much better. 

When you begin to peel away toxic layers (let's deal with artificial substances in processed foods that play tricks on us, for instance), you begin to connect with what your body really needs. You taste real food, and desire real food.

I'm going to challenge you for one week.  Do some basic physical maintenance with your body, and see how confident and happy you feel, because you and your body will be one. On the same team, understanding each other, and rocketing through life, knocking problems out of your way and with pure, (more) stable emotions. You will be able to tell the difference between a short-lived, superficial craving for something, and a worthwhile request or desire for what the body needs.

Do this, to start:

Drink two glasses of water upon waking (lemon optional), and about 4-8 more throughout the day.

Do some strength training 2-3 days this week, and a couple bouts of something more leisurely like a bike ride or a walk (pay very close attention to engaging your core). Keep it simple for now.

Sleep 7-8 hours a night.  Sacrifice other things if you have to - trust me. The outcome is worth it.

Eat whole foods, in balanced meals.  Eat when you feel physical hunger, and try to avoid an impulse drawing you to lots of wheat and dairy.  Use other foods this week. 

These simple things will strengthen your connection with your body. By eliminating some impulses and getting down to basics, you will clear the passageway of communication between what you want and what you really need.  Then, the two become the same. 

Taking the time to listen and pay attention really pays off. Give it a go, will ya?

When you clear things out of the way and learn to listen to yourself, your body will tell you what it needs.  Then all you have to do is continue to listen.