Well hello, ya’ll. So this past week was a bit slower on the workout side of things: 2 strength workouts and two 11km runs. But, this week I am back on track. I was slowed down by some blisters from my new work boots. Made running pretty impossible - same with squats, lunges, burpees… basically any of the staples of a J-Man workout. But now that the blisters have subsided I’m back on track.

I have been running a lot lately and thought I would share some of my ups and downs with you on that front. I live approximately 11.2KM from my work. My timed runs to and from work have been everywhere from 55-70mins, averaging around 60 minutes. This works out to about a 5.4 Min/KM pace. Given that I am 6’2” and have nice long strong legs, I am not thrilled with my pace being over 5 minutes per kilometer.

My goals for the first two months of running again are simple; do not get reinjured (haha), and establish a base pace from which to build. My goal for the end of the summer is to be running at a 4.5 Min/km pace. Now in order to accomplish this, I need to weigh less (or get stronger) and I intend on doing a bit of both with J-manning (focus on strength gain over weight loss). Getting stronger and/or losing weight won’t do it alone though, as my good friend Jordo points out: I need to approach my pace the same way Jess has approached my strength workouts. I need to shock the body and change up the style of workout. Now that I have established a base pace which I believe I can maintain indefinitely (or for a significant distance) the next step is interval training. Alternating between up tempo and my base pace, alternating between slower/longer runs and faster/shorter runs. I prefer long distance runs over shorter faster runs – but like anything to do with fitness – sometimes a little mental discomfort (with good form and control of course) is necessary. (Jess says: too much long distance running will hurt your efforts to gain muscle, and so your friend is right. You need to do shorter interval workouts, and maybe one long run/week. We will discuss.) Given that I intend to continue running between 30-50 KM a week I will keep you guys posted of my average speeds for the week.


I also tried out an amazing restaurant that I really want to spread the word about, Local Kitchen and Wine Bar. I went with 3 friends with the intention of catching up over some nice wine and tasty food. We wanted to order the ‘Ass in Seat special’ where the chef just brings out dishes for you - but it was a Friday, so that was not available. However, our server was amazing and just offered to order for us and bring out dishes family style to share. We wound up trying most of the menu (and a few off-menu items as well). It was incredible. It was soooo frigging incredible. It was soooo amazingly, friggingly incredible. Favorite dishes included the gnocchi, the salumi, and the kale caesar salad. Here is a link to the menu: Local Kitchen Menu. The ambiance was incredible, our server was excellent, and I would really recommend this as a great place to take out a hot date, or reconnect with some friends – just make sure to book a reservation as it's usually packed.

Talk soon!