Back in the saddle again… Well, after a brief hiatus, Jessica and I are back at it. This past Sunday Jessica whooped me - she whooped me good. Unfortunately, these past two weeks were impossible to get any strength workouts in with Jessica. I was moving out of my 900 square foot King West loft and into a 6 by 10 windowless bedroom in Parkdale (with 3 roommates). The situation was a bit stressful to manage, and all in all took about 2 weeks to sort out. But after the initial shock of giving up my lavish lifestyle, I am now set up with some awesome new roommates and am ready to re-engage in my strength program with Jess.

Unfortunately, the absence of my cooking supplies during the moving process just compounded with my lack of workouts over the past two weeks. I wound up eating like crap. Jessica and I had to re-evaluate goals and set up a weigh-in/photo day for two weeks from now. A big area of weakness for me is diet. So diet is where we are focusing the most for the next two weeks. She gave me a very simple eating plan to work with, and I have been going at it diligently since Friday. I have been making a lot of wraps at work instead of going out for lunch, and have been staying away from massive lunches and dinners that I had been abusing for the past two weeks. I have to say, I have been pretty damn good at sticking to the guidelines!

The only area that I have been really struggling with diet-wise is booze. Otherwise, I am eating pretty well. The night before my session with Jess, one of my new roommates had a birthday party. I had a few (few too many) gin and tonics… Let me tell you - I will never be drinking the night before a Jessica Manning session again! I barely walked out after the session. Jessica pretty much had to roll me out the door. She brought back the classic Manning bosu burpees and a variety of core exercises to keep me sweating like a madman. I have been running pretty regularly, and at a good clip as well. But there is no substitution for the circuit Manning delivers; it is no jog along lakeshore. It’s the real deal. The entire work out I was sweating pure gin and tonics, I had not fueled my body appropriately (as I had just wakened up) and really had to work hard to get through it. That said, I knew I would feel better once I finished. So I put my head down and went to work.

My boss once said: “Nobody likes working out. It's hard work and it's inconvenient… but everybody likes the results." I am inclined to agree. Working with Jessica is very tough – she reads your body and pushes you to get the most out of it. It was tough to finish that workout, but man I felt great the rest of the day. She told me my hangover would be gone, and after another brief nap, it sure was.

I am excited for our next workout on Friday. I can’t wait to get back on top of this diet and show you guys the results in the next couple of weeks