Hey ya’ll. I have been sticking with a medium to heavy routine of running and strength over the past week. No issues there, however, as per the usual it’s the diet that finds new ways to give me grief.

My self-control was tested (and bested) by the cottage life this past weekend. Inch and a half thick rib steaks (each steak big enough to feed a whole family) with garlic mushrooms, beer can chicken, baked beans, chicken wings, chips, and lots and lots of beers – notice the absence of salad, or healthy carbs… oh yeah and tack on: red wine and cigars that I could never afford – and thereby cant seem to pass up the opportunity to indulge when offered.… excuses, excuses… I know, right? image001-4

The simple solution is to do my own groceries when I head up, but that isn’t always as easy as it sounds. I am at my wits’ end with myself when it comes to these diet break downs. I just need to step up and eat better. The workouts are going well, strength is returning, but I cant keep cheating my (simple and easy to follow) diet plan when the weekend rolls around.

This 2 steps forward 3 steps backward approach to balancing out my diet is just laziness and weak-willed-ed-ness on my part. In finance there are some emotional biases that will impact an investor’s ability to make the ‘optimal’ decision. Some of these biases can be moderated, but some just need to be accepted and adapted too. So far I have been trying to moderate the behavior and cut it out – which leads to huge binge meltdowns… so maybe I need to accept that I have some emotional biases about eating… for example: I know that when I am stressed with work, I have a tendency to skip breakfast and am more likely to cheat on my dinner meal. Once I figure out when I am likely to cheat by skipping a meal or ordering in, I should have strategies in place to give myself what I need without killing my diet for the week.

With that in mind I decided, much to Jessica’s chagrin, to look into some simple meal replacements that can make breakfast and dinners easier. Jess has agreed that if I do some significant research on meal replacements and can show her one that meet’s her criteria– that she will let me use it, but sparingly and only when I am absolutely stuck. I’m not sure if this is just a rouse to get me to see the drawbacks of meal replacements, but quite frankly thinking about diet and researching in itself can only help me get on a plan and stick to it – with or without the meal replacement as part of it.

Whoa, that was a bit of a rant there – but its not all bad news, I am doing way better at lunches! And aside from the occasional pizza, dinners are going better as well. Weekends are the killer – I need to keep pushing myself forward and getting myself ALL THE WAY into a balanced routine. Thanks as always for your support. Ill keep you posted. I have a big stressful work week ahead – wish me luck!