It’s cold/flu season. Well folks, the training for the past month has been steady and productive. The diet has been better than it has in the past, but there is still plenty of room for improvement. Friday morning I woke up unable to swallow due to a painfully sore throat. I spent the whole weekend sleeping and drinking loads of water. Anytime I tried eating solids, it hurt like hell. So I didn’t wind up eating much. As of this morning (Monday), I feel weak and depleted. So I turned to Jess for some advice of what I could include in my diet to turn the corner on this sickness. She recommended the following in an email:

· Blend some mango, spinach, papaya and water together. Drink 2 6oz. glasses/day. If    that's too much work, just blend the spinach in with mango juice /smoothie.

· Vegetable soups- I assume you need ready-made so grab the most natural broccoli soup in a jar.

· Egg whites! Magic for this stuff. Easy to eat. Just scramble them, even in a little milk / cheese- obviously adding spinach and tomatoes here is awesome too.

· Oatmeal- add in some egg whites or cook in almond milk. Cinnamon.

· Green tea and honey.

· Avocado smoothies (Asian spots).

· Pho!

With a great list of ideas, I feel confident I will be back in the gym in no time. I'm getting my wisdom teeth out next Monday, too. After that, I am looking forward to a clean bill of health so Jessica and I can dive into the next phase of my training.

Also on the horizon, we will be taking a closer look at my diet through the blog. My successes and failures, Jessica's recommendations while eating in restaurants (we will disclose the menu so you can see my choices), and I will disclose what I end up choosing. We will also have more recipes coming your way!

I hope you're feeling better than I am - but if not, try some of the sore-throat-friendly food suggestions in the list.

Cheers, Ryan