I had my first session with Jessica on Tuesday the 17th.I won’t lie, I was a little nervous. Most boys won't admit it, but it can be intimidating signing up for a female trainer. Maybe it’s a lingering elementary school mentality, but you don’t want to get embarrassed by a girl! I can safely say, however, that I had nothing to worry about. Jess came in and was immediately a calming presence - very laid back and professional. We briefly discussed the action plan and then got right to it. Jess’ program for me is focused on functional training – so we did a lot of body weight exercises: reverse-crunches, push-ups with side planks, lunges with rows and some bench jumps. It doesn’t sound crazy challenging, but it is! it is CRAZY challenging! I was a massive sweat monster by the end of it.

The workout was clipping along nicely until the 30min mark when I ran out of steam and got a bit light-headed. I would have normally drank water and kept going, but Jess was quick to switch gears to stretching and was adamant that if one of her clients runs out of fuel its best to stop as opposed keep running your body into the ground. When I told her I hadn’t eaten breakfast/don’t ever eat breakfast, she explained that that is why I ran out of steam. Seems really simple, because it is really simple. Shoulda eaten breakfast.

Wednesday morning when I woke up, it felt like instead of having worked out on tuesday, a line up of 100 people took turns punching me in the butt! Damn those lunges. As soon as I got to work, I decided to sit down and eat breakfast. Jess suggested half cup of yogurt, whole grain bread with natural peanut butter and some fruit. So that is what I had. It took all of 30 seconds to prepare. I don’t really have an appetite in the morning but I ate it all nonetheless. It was surprisingly tasty and super easy to do. I stuck with this same breakfast every morning. Week One's nutrition focus was getting a healthy breakfast in me every day!

I hit the pool Thursday morning and rocked 3 sets of the following: 200 no legs, 100, 100 no legs, 50 - 1350 total. It was more of a stroke mechanics session, but the swim really helped stretch out my sore muscles from the butt kicking I took on Tuesday.

Friday morning I was back in the gym with Manning, and she laid the hurt on me. Stepping up the intensity from the previous session was no problem, thanks to a wholesome breakfast in my belly. She brought in her beloved BOSU ball and we went to work. Man oh man - if you hear Jessica mention BOSU Burpees, RUN. This workout was awesome. BOSU burpees, BOSU squats, BOSU push ups, Mountain Climbers and Dumbbell Rows – we ended with a patented Jessica Manning core workout. This workout was really tough but what I really dug about Jess’ style of training was that she was very in-tune with where I was at in each set. She always got me right to that point nearing collapse, and kept me moving. She was great at working with me on form and kept the session moving along at a great clip. By the end I was covered in sweat. So much so, that it took me over a minute to wriggle my way out of my shirt before I hit the shower.

Sunday, Jordo and I hit up the island in the AM and did a 5-6Km run (not sure the exact distance). Jordan is designed for running, he is 6’2, 170lbs, and has the discipline of a JEDI. The guy is a machine. I was able to keep up for about half of the distance. Once Jordo pulled ahead – I fell into a nice steady rhythm and just tried to work on maintaining my breathing and getting through it. I hate running, I always have - but it felt really good to finish. To reward ourselves for a run well done, we swam a couple laps at the point, then hit up the beach and caught some rays!

Major challenges this week: 1) SNACKS 2) BOOZE. I think the key to overcoming the snacking is to have healthy snacks at my finger tips. It takes planning, but keeps the junk away. The booze part is tougher - I had no idea how much beer I was taking in, until I started tracking this stuff. It is really easy to lay into a couple pints with friends almost every night. At the football game on Saturday I had three pints without blinking. I switched to water (which cost $4.75!!) and stuck with water for the rest of the game. I am going to need to reduce my alcohol intake in a big way if I want to get results, so a goal for this next week is to pick my battles better with booze.