This past week was a tough one: Jessica stepped up each work out in succession. From one-legged burpees to pulsing push-ups to core workouts that left me drenched – the intensity continues to ramp up with each visit. You might not believe it, but I am seeing small changes already (my fat is melting!), but the really exciting thing is that I am actually FEELING massive changes. The diet and work out combo have led to a huge boost in energy! I feel stronger, and my confidence is wayyyyy up. This influx of confidence, however, has created a new strand of issues for me.  As everyone knows there is a fine line between confidence and cockiness.  For example: Confidence would be pushing myself harder in workouts because I believe I can do more. Cockiness would be slacking off because I feel I am ahead of the game.  Unfortunately, this past weekend, I fell into the latter category. I had a few lot too many beers and skipped breakfast each day. Not smart. I am only two weeks into a program and I am already slipping! I am surprised with myself – especially because it makes no sense to skip out on a plan because you feel so great about how well that same very plan is working. Talk about sabotaging yourself!

I am not going to let myself or Jessica down. Like any hiccup in any plan, you can let it derail you or learn from it and move forward. I intend to move forward! This week I went for a run, and did a home workout that Jessica planned for me. I am back on schedule. That said, I am terrified of the burpee/core workout that she is gonna drop on me Thursday morning as punishment for my arrogance this past weekend…. Sorry Jessica…. No BOSU Burpees… PLEASE… no bosu burpees!

So after a small setback, I am back to eating better and moderating my alcohol intake. I will continue to work at this plan. If I want to get healthy, I need to stick with it, and push through these challenges – and that’s exactly what I intend to do. I know my vices and need to show more self control. I am *confident that with hard work and Manning kicking my ass twice a week, I can do this.